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User agreement用户协议:
This User Agreement ("Agreement") is a contract between you and MEIC team and applies to your use of the MEIC data and services. You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. Any users of MEIC data regardless of data sources are regarded as accepting all of the terms unconditionally. Please stop uses if any objections to the following terms. 在用户使用MEIC模型提供的排放数据产品之前,请务必仔细阅读并同意本协议。用户使用直接从本网站获取或从其他途径获取的MEIC排放数据的行为,都将被视作无条件接受本协议所涉及全部内容。若用户对本协议的任何条款有异议,请停止使用MEIC排放数据。
1. MEIC team focuses on providing quality emission data, but not responsible for its authenticity and accuracy. The user assumes all risk and liability resulting from the use of the MEIC data.
2. MEIC model is restricted to non-commercial purposes. Without explicit and prior written authorization, no organization or individual is allowed to use the methodology and data in MEIC model for competitive bidding. Any uses of MEIC by business organizations are regarded as commercial purpose which needs prior authorization.
3. Registered users should access MEIC data directly from the website to assure of using the latest version. The account, password and the other registration information must be safekeeping carefully. We may suspend accounts without any notice if we suspect an account is not used by the initial registrant. The consequences shall be borne by the user.
4. Users are not permitted to distribute the MEIC model data and account to any third-party, paid or unpaid. Any losses incurred by breaching this term shall be borne by the user. We reserve the right to ascertain his/her legal responsibilities.
5. User must ensure the data integrity and independence when using the MEIC model. Without explicit and prior authorization, no organization or individual is allowed to integrate any forms of MEIC data into other emission products or models.
6. Any papers, reports or products using MEIC data must cite the related publications of MEIC model completely, and make a statement in the acknowledgement. If the MEIC data not published in papers is used, we reserve the right to sign on the user’s publication. Any research papers using customized MEIC data should obtain the MEIC team’s permission before publication.
1. MEIC模型团队致力于提供高质量的排放清单数据,但不对数据的真实性和准确性负责。使用从本网站获取的排放数据所产生的后果由用户自行承担。
2. 本网站提供的MEIC模型在线排放数据仅供非商业用途使用。未经MEIC模型团队书面授权之前,任何单位和个人不得将MEIC模型的成果用于商业用途。商业机构使用MEIC排放数据的行为均被视为商业用途,需事先获得MEIC模型团队授权。
3. 由于MEIC排放清单基础数据产品会进行定期更新,请注册用户直接从网站下载,以获取最新版本信息。请用户妥善保管自己的账号和密码及其他注册资料,如果发现使用者并非账号初始注册人,MEIC团队有权在未经通知的情况下暂停该账号而无需向该账号使用人承担法律责任,由此带来的损失由用户自行承担。
4. 用户不得私自有偿、无偿向第三方转让MEIC排放清单数据及MEIC网站账号,用户应自行承担因违反此要求而导致的责任,同时MEIC团队保留追究上述行为人法律责任的权利。
5. 用户在使用数据过程中需保证数据的完整性和独立性。未经MEIC模型团队允许,任何用户不得将从MEIC模型获得的排放数据以原始形式或修改后的形式包括到其他排放清单数据产品或模型中。
6. 在使用MEIC排放数据的论文、研究报告、产品中,需完整引用MEIC模型的相关研究成果,并在致谢中加以声明。如果用户在研究中使用的MEIC排放数据尚未以论文形式发表,MEIC模型团队成员有权利要求在用户的研究成果上署名。使用MEIC定制数据的研究成果在发表前需获得MEIC模型团队的同意。
Interpretation, modification and update of the Agreement belong to the MEIC team. 对本协议的解释、修改及更新权均属于MEIC模型团队所有。
 I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. 我已经仔细阅读“用户协议”,并同意接受上述内容。